1. How does a solar outdoor light work?
The principle is very simple: A solar panel is a generator, which converts light to electricity. That makes it a "solar generator." This electricity is used to charge a battery during daylight hours; …even under cloudy skies. The battery powers the light at night, turning it on at dusk and turning it off at dawn, or at some earlier time if chosen.

2. Why use solar outdoor lights?
Thousands of commercial grade solar outdoor lights have been in everyday use since1990, lighting residential streets, country roads, traffic signs, advertising signs, transit shelters, parking lots, national/ municipal parks, recreation areas, and military installations. These lights are so dependable utility companies have installed them at their own switching centers to provide light when traditional grid-tied
power fails. They have survived through hurricanes and earthquakes. Remember those giant blackouts.

3. Why are solar outdoor lights so dependable?
Because each light has its own power plant; …a solar generator energized by the sun. The generator is guaranteed for twenty years-which keeps an ultra reliable battery charged to deliver lighting power whenever it is needed. There is some charging every day, even when it is cloudy.Solar lights operate independent of the traditional electricity supply from the utility companies.It’s simple; …solar products continue to work in times of power outages!

4. What sort of batteries are used in Felicity lights?
All Felicity lights use special Ni-MH/Ni-Cad batteries, lead acid batteries or capacitors that perform extremely well under harsh environmental conditions. They are sealed, rechargeable batteries that provide a large energy capacity for their size and deliver extremely reliable power output over a long period of time.

5. How do LEDs compare to a normal incandescent light bulb?
Felicity lights use LEDs (light emitting diodes) for their light source. LED's are far more efficient in their power consumption than incandescent bulbs. Incandescent lamps expend much of their energy in the form of heat dissipation (85%), whereas LEDs waste relatively little energy as heat.

6. What is Felicity's warranty?
Felicity offers a different warranty for different products. Solar lighting products are covered by a 1 year warranty.Solar panels have a 2 year material and workmanship warranty. The panels also have the following output guarantees; … 10 year 90% output, 25 year 80% output.

7.How long will a solar panel last?
A well-made panel will last for 20 to 25 years. If after this period the cover has started to deteriorate, it is relatively inexpensive to recover the panel and it will operate for a similar period of time.

8. Do the products need direct sunlight?
No. Ordinary daylight is all that's required. As long as the product is placed so that the solar panel is not obscured in any way, such as under hedges or under roof overhang. It is also important to clean the glass surfaces of the panel; …dust and debris will seriously affect the panel output performance.

9. How easy is it to install the lights?
Couldn't be easier just unpack and follow the simple assembly instructions. There are no wires or cables to lay, so you can move the light around the garden or structure as you wish. Solar lights are low voltage and are safe to use around water, no electric shock hazard.

10. How long do the lights stay on for?
As a general rule solar lighting performs best during the summer months because the longer days enable a full charge to be achieved. Adverse weather and short winter days do affect performance; …charge times are reduced in relation to hours of daylight and the strength of the light. Your solar light will always come on, but the length of time it stays on may be reduced.

11. What is the life span of solar lights?
Our lights have been tested to 11,000 hours. Replacement bulbs and batteries are available.

12. Do they require any maintenance?
Only an occasional wipe to ensure optimal performance of the solar panel.?It is important to clean the glass surfaces of the panel; …dust and debris will seriously affect the panel output performance.

13. What other benefits are there with solar products?
The main benefits are the costs to you and the environment. There are no running costs and they are environmentally friendly!

14. How long will they run at night?
Solar products require DIRECT SUNLIGHT for maximum efficiency. Factors such as placement, cloud cover and time of the year all affect nightly lighting times. For best results, units should be placed in open areas,away from bushes trees or structures that cast shadows on the unit's solar cell. Most units run up to 8 hours at night..

15. How bright are the lights?
All Felicity Lights come with a 1-year warranty.

16. Why does solar outdoor lighting compete so well with "electric wired" lighting?
Solar outdoor lights may seem expensive before the real costs of installing "electric wired" lights are added up for the years of service that are to be expected. Solar outdoor lights have no charge for running wires or trenching, no charge for putting in transformers and meters, and no recurring electric bill.

17. How will this product benefit both remodelers and home-owners? Will it save money or energy? Is it the latest style or trend? (This question is for our Building & Commercial Series, such as Light Emitting Paver and Ground Star)?
These tiles will end up saving both money and energy; plus, their simple beauty will quickly become the latest style and trend. First, they will save money, mainly in this respect: They utilize a new energy storage component. Unlike rechargeable batteries, which must be replaced every two to three years, these tiles use an energy storage component, known as an ultra capacitor, which is guaranteed for at least ten years,and may last almost indefinitely! Ultra capacitors are very efficient at storing and delivering energy, but, unlike rechargeable batteries, their ability to store and deliver that energy declines very little with age and use; thus the tiles are almost maintenance free for life. This means that they can be permanently installed in unserviceable locations and then forgotten about. In addition to this, the ultra capacitors are made of non-hazardous non-polluting materials, which present no environmental hazards or human safety concerns. The solar cells built into these tiles will gather enough energy, even if not located in direct sunlight or on rainy days, to power the lights for at least 12 hours. So they also save energy because they do not need to be connected to a manmade energy supply. They are much easier to install than any other outside lighting, since they do not need to be wired to a power source; or have rechargeable batteries replaced periodically. In addition to this, the elegant beauty of their simple design and their inviting soft glow will make them a welcome addition to the decor of any garden, patio, driveway or walkway. They will most certainly become both the latest style and trend.